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 English News 3 January 2017


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Released by Qamar Haider Zaidi the Spokesman of the TNFJ; Translated by Wajih Kazmi

UN has miserably failed in achieving its objectives; new Secretary General will have to resolve the issues of Kashmir and Palestine - Hamid Moosavi

ISLAMABAD, January 3: The Patron in-Chief of Supreme Shia Ulama Board and Head of Tehreek e Nifaz e Fiqah Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has said that United Nations has miserably failed in achieving its objectives. The new Secretary General will have to resolve the issues of Kashmir and Palestine to ensure peace in the world. The biggest problem of the Islamic world is colonial intervention in Muslim states making terrorism as an excuse. All terrorists have been serving interests of the colonial powers. In presence of the Islamic Conference, no further united front is needed therefore, OIC must be activated while Muslim countries divided into two different blocks must not waste energies against each other. Instead of suppressing each other, they must suppress the international evil powers. Services of the volunteers of Mukhtar for the protection of Majalis, Jaloos e Aza, Meelad ul Nabi and other religious programs are worth appreciating, whole nation will have to support Pakistanís armed forces for the eradication of terrorism from the country. He said this while addressing to the volunteers of Mukhtar Force. Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that United Nations was formed after 2nd World War in October 1945 to ensure peace and harmony in the world however, instead of resolving Palestine issue in Middle east and Kashmir dispute in South Asia, United Nations has demonstrated duplicitous attitude while the two unresolved disputes have taken the world to the brink of a third world war. He said that after getting disappointed from UN, Muslim states founded OIC in 1969 right after the Masjid e Aqsa was burnt. First meeting of the OIC was held in Rabat while second in Lahore. As the OIC made some progress, King Faisal was murdered and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto hanged to death. Unfortunately, the performance of OIC has reached Zero and it is only serving as a B-Team of some Khaleeji states. OIC must have secured the right for Veto, struggled for the resolution of Kashmir and Palestine issues of Muslims. Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that today, when evil forces are creating discrimination among Muslims Arab o Ajam and sectarian basis, the OIC, instead of confronting it, is promoting it further. Creators of the 34-States alliance must clarify if the alliance has been made against evil forces or the Muslim states? He said that the objective of colonial powers are to enforce Israeli supremacy in Middle-East while Indian authority in South Asia. Pakistan is being punished for its fundamental ideology and nuclear capability. Pakistanís Economic Corridor Project has stolen the sleep of International evil powers. Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that all patriotic forces are duty bound to thwart conspiracies of the enemies, make all efforts for the completion of Economic Corridor while the government must eradicate the menace of terrorism in light of the National Action Plan and none of the culprits must be spared.