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 English News 11 April 2017


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Released by Qamar Haider Zaidi the Spokesman of the TNFJ; Translated by S M Naqvi


Raheel Sharif has been sacrificed to the 39-State alliance just to keep him away from politics in the country - Hamid Moosavi

ISLAMABAD, April 11: The Patron-in-Chief of Supreme Shia Ulema Board and chief of Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi has said that the colonial powers had laid down heinous net of terrorists to turn Pakistan into Syria, Libya and Iraq but Operation Zarb-e-Azb launched by the Pakistan Army has defied their plan. Credit goes to Raheel Sharif for Karachi peace and Operation Zarb-e-Azb. Raheel Sharif was the hero of the Pakistani nation and he has been sacrificed to the 39-State alliance just to keep him away from politics in the country after retirement because the rulers had understood that if Raheel Sharif joined the politics then he would become the Prime Minister. The propaganda being launched against him is a well thought-out conspiracy. At a time when the Pakistanís Armed Forces have defeated the enemies of Pakistan and their bravery is talk of the whole world, pointing finger on the Pakistanís Armed Forces in these circumstances is tantamount to strengthen the enemy. The American-Indian-Israeli collusion is the biggest threat to the Muslim Ummah and the Islamic World will have to display Haideri (A.S.) courage to confront this satanic trio. The Muslim Ummah can get itself rid of the internal and external terrorism only by sticking to the Daman of Mustafa (SAAW) and Murtaza (A.S.). These views were expressed by him while addressing the delegation of overseas Pakistanis that called on him at the head of TNFJ Europe leader Syed Munawar Hussain Shah.

Agha Moosavi said the 39-State alliance would have been called the representative of the Islamic World had it struggled for the independence of Kashmir and Palestine, and for annexation of Arab areas occupied by Israel and Al-Quds Al-Sharif but, he added, this alliance has created more differences amongst Muslims. He said this alliance is in friendship with Zionists and Hindus while chief of the satanic forces i.e. America is fully patronizing it. He said chief of the satanic forces America, Israel and India are the biggest terrorists. He said India has made the life of minorities difficult where more than two dozen freedom movements are working and India is trampling them. He said India is also making the life of Kashmiris difficult and is sticking to the Atoot-Ang mantra as far as Kashmir is concerned.

The TNFJ chief said that India brings floods in Pakistan by releasing extra water during monsoon thus committing marine aggression while stops water during drought and thus desires to create famine in Pakistan by openly violating the Sindh Tass Agreement by doing so. He said whenever dialogue was offered she tries to sabotage it because enmity with Pakistan is their ultimate goal that unveils their expansionist designs. He said India is our perpetual enemy and she maintains her evil designs as far as Pakistanís survival and integrity are concerned. He said after dividing Pakistan into two, she is out to cause harm to the survival and solidarity of the remaining Pakistan.

Agha Moosavi said that India is also struck with war-mongering and is the second biggest buyer of weapons throughout the world. She is laced with atomic armaments while she has signed another agreement with Israel a few days ago and have restored rail links with Bangladesh by signing agreements worth trillions of rupees, he said adding that these are the tactics India using to promote her war-mongering attitude. He said earlier, Modi had boasted of dividing Pakistan into two during his visit to Bangladesh and has now repeated the same mantra on the visit of Bangladeshi Prime Minister saying that they had won independence for Bangladesh.

The Quaid-i-Millat Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi said that Pakistan Army is the biggest power as far as the Pakistanís survival and solidarity is concerned. Whether there are floods, earthquakes, cyclones or terrorist attacks, Pakistan Army has always saved Pakistan. He said despite Gen. (Retd) Raheel Sharifís agreement to head the 39-Stae alliance, he is Pakistanís hero while his family has the honour of winning two Nishan-e-Haider Awards.