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 English News  18th March 2012


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Released by Dr S Zaman; Translated by  Zulqurnain Haider

The entire infidel world is striving against the dignity and honor of the signs attributed to Almighty Allah and the heroes of Islam

International organizations should take immediate notice of long lasting proxy war of foreign countries on the soil of the beloved homeland Pakistan; massacre of innocent people should immediately be stopped; Journeys should be made secure on the national highways – addresses of Shuja’at Bukhari, Qamar Zaidi, Bu Ali and other Ullema to the seminar of the “Days to highlight the dignity of the signs attributed to Almighty Allah”

RAWALPINDI, March 18: In accordance with the announcement of the Quaid e Millat e Jafariya Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi, the programmes of the Ayyam e Azmate Sha’air Allah (“Days to highlight the dignity of the signs attributed to Almighty Allah”) continued on Saturday. On this occasion under the auspices of different religious organizations and institutions programmes were arranged to highlight the dignity of the signs attributed to Almighty Allah. In the twins cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Ullema and Zakireen, while addressing on the behalf of TNFJ, highlighted the importance and dignity of the signs attributed to Almighty Allah and the heroes of Islam.  

A seminar was arranged on the topic of “the dignity of the signs attributed to Almighty Allah” under the auspice of Mukhtar Students Organization at Mukhtar Academy. On this occasion the chief guests were the additional secretary general of the TNFJ Syed Shuja’at Ali Bukhari and Allama Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi, the spokesman of the TNFJ while the seminar was presided over by the chairman MSO, Syed Bu Ali Mahdi. The seminar was attended by the huge number of students.  

While addressing to the seminar, Syed Shuja’at Ali Bhukhari expressed great anxiety over the current scenario that the continuation of terrorism, the massacre of innocent people, drone attacks, bomb blasts and target killings have become the daily routine in the beloved homeland Pakistan. Every household of the motherland is bereaved over the loss of their loved ones. The Judiciary, which is taking notice of less important issues, has not taken any notice of ever growing terrorism through which countless innocent people, including personnel of the national security forces, have become the victims. He said that our common enemy is just busy dividing us by promoting racism and sectarian divisions in our country. Shuja’at Bhukhari demanded from all the international organizations including the United Nations to take immediate notice of the continued terrorism, especially foreign interference in the internal affairs of Pakistan. In this connection the ICC can play its role to stop the exploitation of the innocent Pakistani public.  

Syed Qamar Haider Zaidi said that amongst all other problems, terrorism is at the top of the list. The government has never taken serious action to root it out, so much so that today the banned terrorist organizations are operating without any restrictions. He made a humble appeal to the judiciary, which takes notice of even minor cases, to take immediate notice of the terrorism and to set up tribunal to look into all the incidents of terrorism in the country. He said that if notice can be taken for the issue of missing people then not taking notice of the issue of terrorism is equivalent to injustice with the nation and the motherland. If the Judiciary takes strict notice of these affairs, the whole nation will support the judiciary; without bringing the culprits of the terrorism to justice, the wounds of the bereaved nation cannot be healed.  

In his presidential address, Syed Bu Ali Mahdi said that for a very long time the entire infidel world is busy against the dignity and honour of the signs attributed to Almighty Allah, the Holy Prophet (PBUH & HHP) and the heroes of Islam, not sparing any chance to torture Muslims or insult the values of Islam. He said that in order to fail the evil plans of the atheist world the entire Muslim nation, whilst demonstrating unity, will have to adopt a bold and courageous policy. He demanded from the government to ensure foolproof security measures in Khyberpakhtoon Kha and that solid steps should be taken to make the journey safe from Peshawar to Para Chinar and to Gilgit Baltistan so that people may travel without any fear.

Dr. S Zaman while addressing to the seminar said that for the establishment of International peace, the withdrawal of the American Allied Forces from the Muslim countries must be ensured because interference in the internal affairs of any country by foreign powers is illegal under the charter of the UNO.  

Dr. Imdad Changaezi, Prof. Ghulam Abbas Haidery, President MSO Saleem Bangesh, Baseerat Abbas Baseerat, Syed Aoun Abbas Kazmi and the central president Mukhtar Generation Ali Zain Naqvi also addressed to the seminar.


(PBUH & HHP): Peace be upon him and on his holy progeny

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